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French Macaron Boxes

We are proud to say, we now sell Savor Patisserie French Macarons.

Savor Patisserie was founded in July of 2014 in a sugar-covered Dallas apartment. Founder, Kelli Watts, taught herself how to bake French macarons and then went on to develop her own proprietary recipes. After sharing her macarons with friends and family, she began getting frequent orders, which led to her quitting her job and creating her own company, Savor Pâtisserie. Savor’s macarons gained rapid popularity, and soon various retailers like Neiman Marcus, were selling them in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Coppied from BOLD IS BETTER Our flavors are bold, and we like it that way. You’ll find bright flavor in both the shells and fillings of our macarons, which gives each small treat a big impact. 100 CALORIES OR LESS Our macarons are larger than most, but still come in at under 100 calories each. Plus, they’re made with almonds and eggs, so they’re pretty much a health food, right?! NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE All of our macarons are made with almond flour, making them naturally gluten free. We keep all other ingredients gluten free too, so that those with sensitivities are safe. A few of our flavors are dairy free too!